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The life history of Lilija Šica

by  Mâra Zirnîte. The life history of Lilija Šica, selected for family portrayal and multimedia presentation, consists of several sources: oral history records, written memories, family photos and epistolary archives, photos of Lilija’s self made textiles and a video clip. The... Read more


by Maija Runcis. One way of studying everyday family life in Soviet Latvia is to use records from people’s court in the Latvian state archive, especially files on divorces. In these files you can find information on families living conditions, housing, relations and emotions. This is one transcribed case from October 1961, (file no 809,... Read more

Exiled Ingrian-Finnish Family Tells Their Story

by Anni Reuter. Pietari Jääskeläinen (born 1879) was exiled to Siberia in an Easter night 1931 with his family. His crime was cultivating a relatively prosperous farm in Ingria,... Read more

Housing Trajectory

by Yulia Gradskova. The case is based on the interview conducted in Moscow, 28.02.2014. I interviewed K (born in 1929) in her apartment. I asked her to tell me her family history in connection to their housing conditions. Thus, in this case, the interview from the beginning had to be used for research of the... Read more

Studying Business Family History

by Jyrki Pöysä. In the Northern corner of the city of Joensuu stands a sad representant of the local history of this small eastern Finnish town: the empty buildings of former restaurant-hotel Jokela and cinema Kino-Karjala.   Jokela in its... Read more

Elin's Family Story

by Rutt Hindrikus. We all remember our own personal past. It lives in our memory in the form of an hazy story or a cluster of stories. Converting such a cloud into a narrative is often very difficult and complicated. Photos are sometimes like little ready-made narratives of family history. Elin: is the central figure... Read more

Correspondence Across the Iron Curtain

by Leena Kurvet-Käosaar. The case study is based on the correspondence across the Iron Curtain of two sisters, Helga Sitska (1914-1989) and Aino Pargas (1922-2000) between Estonia (then the Soviet Socialist Republic of Estonia) and UK and the USA. Helga... Read more